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Mold Remediation/Removal

At EverClean, our highest priority is to protect and ensure our clients' health and safety.


EverClean recognizes that homeowners and building owners significantly fear mold in their home or building, and for good reason. Exposure to mold can be dangerous and hazardous , and may cause a variety of physical symptoms and health issues, especially for children and seniors.


For nearly 10 years, EverClean has been mitigating mold via various mold remediation/removal services to meet the health and safety needs of our clients within their budget parameters.

EPA & IICRC Standards & EverClean's Expertise

The Indoor Environments Division of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises homeowners and building/property owners to hire a certified, licensed mold remediator/remover. Further, EverClean is certified by the IICRC in mold removal, which is an industry organization that establishes standards and protocols including for mold remediation. Like a good craftsman, EverClean adheres to, and exceeds, EPA's and IICRC's standards for mold remediation, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that they and their family and occupants all are healthy and safe.


Appreciate our guidance, expertise, and the trusting relationship as you transform from fear to living and/or working in peace. EverClean is highly flexible in adapting to whatever mold that we find, variables that present themselves, and bringing you a clean, healthy, and safe environment cost-effectively. Further, anticipate an easier home/building selling process as you can disclose pre-existing loss or damages and proper mold remediation documentation.


A misconception is that mold can be mitigated using bleach and water, as bleach does not have enough active ingredients to properly remediate mold. Further, when people try to clean mold themselves, cross-contamination can occur as mold spores dissipate and infiltrate the air system, likely leading to cross-contamination throughout your home or building.


At EverClean, we carefully assess your home or building and dissect what lies behind your walls, beneath your carpet, and elsewhere. We relish in protecting you, your family, and/or occupants from the harmful effects of mold.

EverClean's Mold Remediation Services

As industry professionals, EverClean provides a variety of containment and air-purifying services using one of two ways to mitigate your mold:


We also invite you to learn about the potential dangers of living and/or working in a mold environment.

Contact EverClean to professionally handle your mold remediation/removal.

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