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EverClean's Mold Remediation/Removal Services

At EverClean, we help you achieve health and safety within a reasonable budget. We come to your home or professional building and meet with you, listen to your needs and concerns, assess your rooms and area(s), and develop a mold remediation/removal plan. Throughout the process, we educate and inform you of potential hazards and help you to carefully navigate through the entire remediation process.

Basic Mold Remediation/Removal:

When we arrive at your home or building, we assess the amount and type of mold and/or moisture issues and what materials specifically have been damaged. We then create a specific mold remediation/removal plan, which includes steps to repair your water or moisture problem, otherwise it may reoccur.


For large areas of contamination and possible major health hazards, the remediation plan may suggest temporary relocation. Otherwise, when possible, remediation activities are scheduled when you and your family are not home, or during building off-hours.


According to the EPA, indoor mold growth is not always obvious and may grow on hidden surfaces, such as the back side of dry wall, wallpaper, or paneling, atop ceiling tiles, underside of carpets and pads, on pipe chases and utility tunnels, walls behind furniture, drain pans inside air handling units, liners inside ductwork, or roof materials above ceiling tiles. Thus, EverClean carefully evaluates your environment to ensure health and safety for all.


Here are some of the mold remediation/removal steps that EverClean takes, using personal protective equipment such as eye protection, rubber gloves, and possibly face masks:


Additionally, we utilize the following measures and materials to remediate the mold in your home or building:

Comprehensive Mold Remediation/Removal:

A Comprehensive Mold Remediation/Removal includes all aspects of the Basic Mold Remediation/Removal with the additional significant benefit of an EverClean hygienist coming out to your home/building to diagnose the type(s) and amount of mold. By doing so, we are able to more deeply assess your mold situation and develop a comprehensive report that outlines the steps necessary to remediate.


We implement this plan via a variety of remediation activities, plus attend to the findings that our hygienist discovered. A Comprehensive Mold Remediation/Removal also includes us returning to your home/building to test for clearance, and we may determine the necessity to re-clean to ensure that all mold has been remediated.


Contact EverClean to professionally handle your mold remediation/removal.

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